MARGARITA:  Shore landscape that will leave you speechless!
MARGARITA: Shore landscape that will leave you speechless!
When we make the decision to take a much needed vacation the adrenaline starts to activate and all our senses begin to prepare to finally have #APerfectExperience when traveling. 

Thus, "The Pearl of the Caribbean" is the favorite island of many vacationers, who know that its more than a land of beautiful beaches but is the perfect place for all ages and tastes; this beautiful island is full of life, sun and landscapes to admire that also has fine dining, entertainment and cultural areas but do you know what to do and which places to visit so you can make the most of this destination? We’ll tell you:
If you are one of those who loves to live extreme experiences and especially outdoors this will be your ideal destination. Dare to have fun with activities from bungee jumping, ultra light, paragliding, scuba diving, sky surf, windsurfing, kayaking, trekking, and hiking, among others. Let out the adrenaline in you.


 Visit a very special place called El Faro de Punta Ballena located in Punta Ballena (Pampatar) and appreciate the romantic view of the island. If you are looking for a little more privacy, stop and visit Playa Guayacán, here you will find a place of sunshine and calm waters. Another option is to observe and embrace a beautiful sunset in Juan Griego Bay and take a spectacular photo souvenir. Another excellent option to enjoy the nightlife and relax is to visit Margarita.


 How about a fun plan like going to the Water Park? It is the ideal place to spend an exciting and fun day. We invite you to take a tour of the many museums of the island's history, marine life and art samples. If instead you want to do some shopping, SAMBIL Margarita also offers alternatives to have a fun day with the family.

 Finally, if you are one of those who want to spend special days with the ones you love we promise you this is your destination. 

So, did you decide? ... We hope to see you soon! 

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